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The Paul Pink
The Paul Pink
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Product Description

92% Cotton 8% Spandex.  Internal pocket running from left to right, which means your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch is no longer against your skin. The cotton layer therefore reduces any sweating that can cause odour and skin irritation as well as reducing the risk of leaks due to less sweating.

Simply angle your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch so that the opening is angled towards your groin and place it inside the cotton internal pouch.

There is no open fly in this product.

Suitable for all types of stoma and or hernia.

Colostomy, Urostomy, Ileostomy, Left and right Ostomy. The wider crotch will also accommodate a pad should bladder or faecal incontinence also be an issue.

  • 93% Cotton
  • 7% Spandex
  • Cotton Internal Pocket
  • Wash Dark Colours Separately