FAQ's ( Frequently asked Questions)

We have themed the FAQ's to make it easier for you.

Theme 1: Questions related to Prescription. We will refer to you ,the person living with a stoma and or hernia as "Patient' for the purpose of NHS, HSE related applications. 

1. Q.  I live in the UK, am I entitled to prescriptions"?

1. A. We have a range of items that are available to be prescribed in both the UK and Republic of Ireland ( excluding incontinence) , this however shouldn't translate into you being entitled to items on prescription. There are a number of factors to be considered that will determine if your application is accepted or not those are:

  • The area you live in: UK only. This doesn't effect those living in ROI
  • Your GP. 
  • If you don't have a stoma, but have a hernia ( some GP's may not know these are available so worth sending them a link)
  • CCG (clinical commissioning group) : UK only.
  • Central prescribing services : UK only.
  • Stoma care nurses.

Some patients will be allowed these items but unfortunately some won't. We do have some tips that may help an application to be successful
Those are :

  • Having a chat with your Stoma care nurse to see if they will support you by allowing us to carry out a consultation, by phone, zoom or face to face.
  • Only order one item at a time. 
  • Call us directly if you need help with sizing, but note as long as item is tried on over outer clothing and is suitable for exchanging will do this for you.
  • Have a chat with your GP to see if they will authorise the request
  • Have a chat with the prescription services to see if they will support your request for support device garments on prescription. UK ONLY


2.Q. I have not had surgery yet, can I order items on NHS or HSE (ROI only) before having surgery? 

2.A. Firstly we wish you every success with your surgery, as much as we love the fact you are getting prepared, the only options before surgery is to buy items privately. You can apply for items on NHS or HSE as soon as your Stoma Care Nurse tells you about wearing support wear. This maybe 4-6 weeks after surgery. 


3.Q. What happens once I complete the NHS application? 

3.A. Once you complete the application form, we will forward your request to your appointed stoma care company/GP/ Central Prescribing authority,  who supplies all your stoma supplies, if you have a stoma. Some patients will fall under a central prescribing authority, if this is the case, you will need to contact them directly to request authorisation to add these items to your prescription. Some central prescribing authorities will also require authorisation from the Stoma care nurse (SCN), however you will be informed of this and an appointment is likely to be made for you to chat to the SCN about what level of support wear you need, if recommended. Other SCN teams will contact us directly and ask us to carry out a consultation with you to make sure we get the most appropriate products for you.

Some GP practices will not accept third party prescriptions so you will need to contact them directly as you do when ordering your stoma supplies, if you have a stoma. 

If you do not have a stoma, or you've had a stoma and are now reversed but now have a hernia you will to contact your GP directly and let them know about support items that are available to be prescribed once a consultation has been carried out by one of our expert fitters either face to face or over the phone. 


4. Q. How long does the process take from application to getting the items?

4. A. The whole process can take between 3-4 weeks, but most of the time it is a lot quicker, if sometime has passed and you've not heard from us, your SCN, or your stoma supplier, it is best to start with the GP to make sure they have completed the request on your behalf. You should also email us and we can chase this for you. 


5. QWhat happens if items are too big or too small, or if I have ordered the wrong item on prescription.

5. A. There will be times when a product is too big or too small, or not quite right for you.  Our promise to you as well as our commitment to stopping waste on the NHS, is to offer you a replacement or alternative item, we proudly boast this, it is part of our ethos and commitment to our customers. We merely ask that you, try any item on over clothing, this includes our vests, they must not touch naked skin ( we are very strict about this), the item must not have been worn, or washed. You will need to post the items back to us at our Glasgow address ( Vanilla Blush LTD, unit 43, Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton, Glasgow, G40 4LA) please make sure you put a note inside and tell us what action to take, once we have it we can exchange, or replace for you.


6. Q. How do I know which size to go for? and what is going to be suitable for me?

6. A. If you are struggling with sizing and knowing what is going to work best for you, we strongly recommend, booking in an appointment to chat with one of our expert fitters.  Simply click the 'Book a consultation" and one of team will get back to confirm your booking. Please also feel free to send us an email sales@vblush.com, or call us on 01417630991, if outside working hours just leave a message and we will action the request on our return to work, please note this may not be until the next working day.