From North of the border to south of the border, it's a "good luck England" from the award winning Underwear and Supportwear company, Vanilla Blush.

Ahead of England's World Cup 2018 crunch match against Colombia, Vanilla Blush's Nicola Dames is giving her full support garments to her English friends, colleagues and customers. 

The Glasgow-based global-brand CEO said: "Being a Dubliner I would have loved it if the Republic of Ireland had made it. Of course, having our UK and international HQ in Glasgow, the same applies to Scotland. And with many of our models and customers from both Wales and Northern Ireland, it really could have been great if they had made it. 

"But at least England are at the 2018 World Cup, and so what better support can Vanilla Blush give than to give our full support garments to the English team and fans for tonight.

"From Glasgow with love, good luck England."