"My Mom received the underwear from Tracy. She's in her 80's & told me that it's "pink & fancy" and that she rather likes it (which was a delight to hear!), so again, thank you so much for that.

You have been extremely efficient & helpful. I would highly recommend your website for your customer care alone." - Caitriona

"What a great service I'm so glad my stoma nurse recommended you.

Look forward to receiving my order" Linzi 

"Iv'e only just found your site. Thank you for recognising what is needed for Stoma Patients. I feel releived about my holiday now and i'm so glad that Nicola has created such a product that has a massive need in my eyes." - Rachel

"Bonjour ! so pleased to have found you... I thought I would never swim again"- Sylvie

"These are the most cumfortable knickers I have ever worn." - June

"Once again Nicola your range is beautiful and what a help it is with having something like this. It's also nice to know there are other people out there with the same issues as me and I am very thankful that I survived. So everyday is a good day!" 

"I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I just wanted to say thank you!!! I only wish that I had found your site sooner."

"First of all, finally Swimwear and Lingerie for an Ostomy that actually fits a young at heart womans lifestyle!!! I'm 39 and have had my ileostomy for 20 years and have searched for decent and bathing suits constantly!"

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"I have also been on your website and ordered another pair of pants and bikini bottoms and I know they will be as good as the ones I have already got.


I used to order from Osteomysecrets but not any more. You will be my first choice." - Lorraine