SCN SAS (Sample Assistance Service)

This service is only available to NHS UK registered Stoma Care Nurses. The following are required:

(1) The patient requesting the sample Support has not previously attained a sample Support from Vanilla Blush. 

(2) Register [i] your name, hospital and email address; and [ii] telephone number of the patient.

(3) In the message box, register the patient's desired sample Support item and size, along with their name and address. 

NOTE: By submitting this request the SCN grants authority to Vanilla Blush to contact the patient directly for feedback and, in the event the patient wishes to apply for Support via the NHS, to process a prescription application. Please also note that the NHS Support samples are NOT FREE. Vanilla Blush has to underwrite the costs and therefore asks from everyone involved for helpful cooperation to maximise patient care and minimise NHS wastage. Thanks! 


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