Unisex Black Hernia Support Vest

Product Code: VBMVB1


This item is available as a prescription

Also available on NHS to customers living in the UK only. Click here to fill out the prescription form for NHS underwear.

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The Vanilla Blush Hernia Support Vest is a very comfortable support device with an equivalent strength to the Hernia Belt. It has a double aim: firstly, to help prevent the development of hernias; secondly, to offer support to those already living with a hernia. Hernias threaten to be a problem for some following surgery. This can often lead to NHS re-admission and even further surgery. How you apply the vest to the body is of upmost importance, you DO NOT go over the head, you must STEP IN, and pull up. This method allows for a lower abdomen lift and pull in effect, the internal corset completely contours the abdomen whilsts also support the lumbar region. Step out once ready to take off. Our unisex vest supportwear will not roll up, provied you step in. It will provide even support over the abdomen, hernia, which prevents pressure directly on the Stoma ( should you have one) and thus reducing the chances of leaks. The vest is extremely comfortable and versatile - and made from breathable fabric that will also reduce sweating and skin irritations.

UK CUSTOMERS ONLY: You are entitled to apply annually, via the NHS. 

This Unisex Vest Supportwear can also be purchased privately to top up your NHS quota. 


As with all underwear and support vests, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garment.

  • 92% Cotton
  • 8% Elastane
  • Wash Dark Colours Separately
  • Wash at 40 Degrees
  • Do not tumble dry, bleach, or dry clean 
  • Iron at a cool temperature