Men's Active Pack

Product Code: VBAMS2


Our Active Pack is the perfect way to boost your confidence in taking that almighty step in getting back to exercising. It would make the perfect gift for a loved one to give them the confidence boost they may need to get back to being active.

Included in your pack is as follows (worth more than £140):

  1. Sports Legging Short or Long, our fabulous sportswear leggings come in two lengths, a short or a full length and they don't only look super stylish but are also incredibly practical. With our unique in built cotton hernia support band you can exercise while staying supported. The cotton fabric will reduce sweating which will mean if you have a stoma it will also reduce the risk of leaking, skin irritations and odour. To increase the strength of the band, or if you have a shorter torso, fold band down in half.
  2.  Hernia Support Brief or Boxer, are very comfortable medical devices with an equivalent strength to the Hernia Belt. It has a double aim: firstly, to help prevent the development of Parastomal Hernias; secondly, to offer support to those already living with a Parastomal Hernia. These items are also available on prescription so it is a great way to trial the items before applying for a prescription for them on the NHS. You will receive either a brief or a boxer in your Active Pack in black or white.
  3. Men’s Swimming Trunk, our men's swimming trunks are the perfect balance between practical and fashionable. With the modern colour combinations and sport like short look they are ideal for any fashion-conscious male, with an adjustable waistband they will suit any shape. Combined with the internal pocket to hold your stoma and the 100% quick-dry polyester fabric, these are the perfect confidence booster for anyone looking to get back into swimming or are off on holiday. We stock a varitey of colour combinations, your size will decipher what colour you recieve.
  4. Vanilla Blush T-Shirt, stay stylish in your Vanilla Blush t-shirt which is 100% cotton so will reduce your sweating. 
  5. Vanilla Blush Jacket, the fleece-lined jacket will not only keep you warm but will protect you against the wind and is also water resistant. 
  6. Vanilla Blush Bottle
  7. Vanilla Blush Bag

Sports Legging

  • 90% Polyester
  • 10% Elastane

Support Boxer

  • 92% Cotton
  • 8% Elastane

Support Brief

  • 83% Cotton
  • 17% Elastane

Swim Trunk

  • 100% Polyester


  • 100% Cotton


  • 80% Cotton
  • 20% Polyester


  • 100% Polyester