Hernia Support Belt (26cm)

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As a sandard rule you are entitled to make an application with Vanilla Blush for a maximum of 6 pairs (2 packs) of the Basic Cotton Underwear with internal pouch and 3 Support Garments (Pantie Girdle, Ladies Support Brief/Boxer, Mens Support Brief/Boxer and Belts). Vanilla Blush will check and filter your application prior to a decision being made whether it may be processed as an NHS prescription request. Please note there can be a variation between the different NHS Commissioning Groups, Stoma Care specialists and GPs regarding NHS prescription requests being authorised. 

Parastomal Hernias threaten to be a problem for some following Ostomy surgery. This can often lead to NHS re-admission and even further surgery. However, research suggests that by investing in cost-effective Hernia Supportwear after Ostomy surgery it will significantly reduce the chances of developing a Parastomal Hernia. 

Our belt will support the abdominal muscles to help support the hernia or bulge and smooth out the shape of the body, which will reduce the appearance of the hernia underneath your clothes to give you a little more discretion during your day. The fabrict and the design allows the belt to mould to your hernia, bulge and/or stoma without restricinting your Stomas output. The unique cotton lining allows for the belt to be worn directly to the naked skin and keeps sweating to a minimal, which in turn reduces your risk of leaking.

The belt is designed to support you throughout your day, whatever your day may entail, from household chores, walking or lifting young children to running, cycling and gym-use, for example. With a wide velcro section this allows you to adjust throughout your day dependant on the activity.

To measure what size you need in the belt, measure the fullest part of your stomach, ususally where your stoma is, in cm. This will give you an accuarate representation of what belt you will need to order in the sizing section dependant on what size bracket you fall into, eg. if you measure 112cm you would need a Large belt(105cm-120cm). There is no need for customisation of our belt as the large velcro fastening gives you plenty of room to adjust accordingly. Our belt is also 26cm in depth which gives you an incredible amount of coverage for support.

The belt can be put on in three ways, first start by inserting one hand inside the glove, hold the other end of the belt round the waist, with one hand on the Velcro pad, push the glove away from the body, this extension enables the wearer to decide how much support they require to be comfortable and whilst supporting the hernia, or stomal bulge. When pulling round and sticking the Velcro down be sure to keep the Velcro section away from your stoma to allow the stoma to function. The second option is to fasten the Velcro and step inside pulling the belt up to the abdomen, take care not to pull on Stoma appliance. Once in place, it can be adjusted should you require less or more support. Third way, if you already have an established hernia lie on your back and push your hernia in before pulling the belt round your body to get the ultimate amount of support. (See our video for further guidance for each method.) To empty your stoma appliance, simply pull belt up from the bottom and allow the stoma appliance to be released to drain, or remove belt and reapply.


This Unisex Hernia Support Belt can also be purchased privately to top up your NHS quota. 

All items carry the security of a CE Marking, which means we conform to the Medical Devices Directive 2007/47/EC and Conformity Assessment. 


  • Outer: 65% Polyamide, 35% Elastane
  • Lining: 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane

Please ensure the velcro is fastened when washing as it may damage other washing. We would recommend using a laundry bag.