NHS, Data & Privacy

NHS Prescriptions: 3 easy steps.....

  1. Informed: get to know and understand your medical needs.                              
  2. Involved: get chatting with your Stoma Care Nurse and GP.
  3. Empowered: get listening with your Stoma Care Nurse and GP. 

(Please note this service is for residents living within the United Kingdom.) 

"Patient to Partner to Person"

Your relationships with Vanilla Blush, your Stoma Care Nurse and your GP are stages in your growth from "patient to partner to person". We recommend that, when applying for NHS ostomy-underwear or NHS hernia-supportwear, start with a minimal order. This policy of 'minimal trial and testing' reduces the chances of loss to you and the NHS, and maximises the chances of benefits to you and the NHS. Therefore, keep in mind the two following basic questions:

  • Will the ostomy-underwear reduce sweating and skin irritation problems, and support the weight of my bag? 
  • Will the hernia-supporwear help prevent future Parastomal Hernias and help contain, and comfort, existing Hernias?

Privacy & Ethical Notice:

Points to remember: We will pass this information to your Delivery Company, who will then pass it to your GP or equivalent health advisor. You are not necessarily "entitled to" but "entitled to apply to" receive six ostomy-underwear and three hernia-supportwear per year. This is where a good relationship with your health partner, Stoma Care Nurse and GP, is crucial to helping you be "prescription precise" by keeping everyone informed, involved and empowered!