Men's White Ostomy Boxer (Pack of 3)
Men's White Ostomy Boxer (Pack of 3)
Men's White Ostomy Boxer (Pack of 3)
Men's White Ostomy Boxer (Pack of 3)
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Men’s Ostomy Boxers White 

Ostomy/Stoma Undergarments

Our Men’s Ostomy Boxers are expertly designed to provide optimal comfort and practical support for individuals with ostomies. These everyday garments feature an internal cotton pouch that runs from left to right, offering versatile functionality to accommodate various stoma placements and needs.

Key Features and Benefits

Internal Cotton Pouch: The boxers are equipped with an internal cotton pouch that runs from left to right, making them suitable for stomas on either side or for individuals with multiple stomas. Key benefits include:

    • Enhanced Support: The cotton pouch supports the weight of your stoma appliance or ostomy pouch, reducing strain on your skin and enhancing overall comfort.
    • Reduced Bathroom Visits: By securely containing the contents of your pouch, the internal cotton pouch helps reduce the frequency of restroom trips, allowing for more efficient emptying and fewer disturbances, especially helpful during the night.
    • Skin Protection: The cotton pouch prevents direct contact between the stoma appliance and your skin, which helps to reduce sweating, odor, and irritation. This protection maintains skin health and decreases the risk of leaks caused by sweaty skin.

Leak Management: In the event of a leak, the internal cotton pouch acts as an additional layer of protection, temporarily containing the contents of a leaking pouch and alerting you to take necessary action. This feature enhances peace of mind and aids in effective leak management.

Optimal Comfort and Movement: The internal pouch allows the stoma appliance to be positioned comfortably against your groin, minimizing friction against the legs or genital area. The key feature of the internal pouch is that it functions best when the stoma bag is positioned inwards towards the groin, rather than outwards or directly down onto the thigh. This placement enhances mobility and comfort, as the bag follows the natural contours of your body.

Breathable Fabric: Constructed from high-quality, breathable materials, the boxers ensure comfort by reducing sweating and preventing skin irritations. They are easy to care for and durable for everyday wear.

Usage Note

  • Addictive Comfort: Once you experience the benefits of the internal cotton pouch, you may find it challenging to return to standard underwear. The enhanced comfort and practical features of these boxers offer a significant improvement to daily life.

The Men’s Ostomy Boxers are an essential addition to any ostomate’s wardrobe, providing reliable support and comfort. With their integrated internal cotton pouch, these boxers address common challenges associated with ostomy management, offering a superior solution for daily wear and peace of mind.

  • 92% Cotton
  • 8% Elastane


As with all underwear, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garment.
Make sure you wash dark colours separately and wash at 30 Degree. Do not tumble dry, bleach, or dry clean any of these items. Iron at a cool temperature.