Men's White Hernia Support Vest
Men's White Hernia Support Vest
Men's White Hernia Support Vest
Men's White Hernia Support Vest
Men's White Hernia Support Vest
Men's White Hernia Support Vest
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**** NHS CODES*****

*30-32' 32-34' 34-38' 38-40'   40-42'  42-44'   44-46'  46-50'  

*Sizing is from the fullest part of the stomach, over the stoma and or hernia.

* Please apply vest, by stepping in and pulling up, once used to vest you can go over head.

Hernias are very common, people can live a perfectly normal life with a hernia or bulge in the abdominal wall without ever needing a surgical intervention. Hernias can occur following surgery along the area where you may have been operated on, these are called incisional hernias, others are called umbilical hernias, in and around the belly button, others are called parastomal hernias, in and around or behind a stoma. Most however do not need surgery. In some instances they can cause issues if they get bigger such as pain, a dragging sensation, swelling, reduced mobility, body image issues, and in some rare cases strangulation which is a medical emergency. In fact up to 70% of Ostomates will develop one. 

What can cause them? 

*Heavy lifting

*Being overweight


*Coughing and sneezing


*Persistant cough.

The good news is you can do something to help your body and mind deal with an abdominal bulge or hernia. Research tells us that those who were physically active and wore support garments were less likely to report having a hernia. 

Physio and core exercises as well as good fitting support garments are key places to start.

Keeping yourself as fit and active as possible will definitely help your post operative outcomes if you do require surgery. We don't expect you to run a marathon if you've never run one before, equally nothing stopping you from running a marathon if you want to. What we mean is even in your own home, confined to a chair or bed, you can do some excercises that can help your core. Give yourself a little challenge and set an alarm to move every 20-30 mins. 

Easier said than done! we know this, which is why we have developed this range of hernia supportive devices to help.

The reasons why we love the vest are as follows, if you think about hernia belts, pants, boxers, briefs, they all have one thing in common! that is they all have a stop in the middle of the abdomen, the belt will have a velcro opening and closing system.

The difference with the vest, is it does not have a cut off in the middle, in fact it contours the entire core, from under the breast bone right down to the lower abdomen. It also provides excellent back support. The vest is not worn directly to the groin so can get a couple of days wear out of it.

Comparing it to a belt, the vest does not have velcro, which can at times be visual under clothing. We believe belts are worn for shorter periods of time, for example if someone is doing some gardening. The issue here is the risk of developing a hernia doesnt stop once you finish gardening, the risk is with you all day everyday when doing things such as coughing and sneezing, things we simply don't think about. Hence why we believe support devices need to work with your lifestyle and wardrobe. They should be something you wear everyday and not just for more intensive workouts. 

You can also add a belt over a vest should you decide to really go for it at the gym, but our vests are worn to work out in, lift weights, run in, cycle in, garden in, wear to work, you name it the vest can do it. 

A key component to the vest is how to apply it, you'd think it simply must go on over the head, but in fact for the most optimal benefit you step into it and pull it up. Doing this, will allow for a lower abominal lift and pull in effect. The compression stops just under the breast bone, so even if you have a high incisional hernia, it will be supported with the vest. 

The Vanilla Blush Hernia Supportwear is a very comfortable medical device with an equivalent strength to the Hernia Belt. It has a double aim: firstly, to help the post op abdomen, aid the development of Hernias; secondly, to offer support to those already living with a Hernias. 

Our Unisex-style Vest Supportwear will not roll up. They are made to be worn over the bum, hence why they are longer. It will provide support over the abdomen, or even a Hernia, preventing pressure directly on the Stoma ( should you have one) thus reducing the chances of leaks. The unisex-style Vest is extremely comfortable and versatile - and made from breathable fabric that will also reduce sweating and skin irritations. Our unisex style vest has a thick, tank top like strap which allows you to also wear as outer clothing.

We recommend the unisex for those who are over 5 foot 4 with a smaller frame, if 5 foot 4 and medium or larger frame you may find the female version best for you. 


UK CUSTOMERS ONLY: You are entitled to apply annually, via the NHS, for three single Hernia Supportwear. (For the women we have Supportwear Female-style Vests, Pantie Girdles, Short-Leg Briefs, Long-Leg Boxers and Unisex Vests.) 



  • 92% Cotton
  • 8% Elastane


As with all underwear, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garment.
Make sure you wash dark colours separately and wash at 30 Degree. Do not tumble dry, bleach, or dry clean any of these items. Iron at a cool temperature.