Incontinence Male Boxer
Incontinence Male Boxer
Incontinence Male Boxer
Incontinence Male Boxer
Incontinence Male Boxer
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Product Description

Vanilla Blush are delighted after many years of researching urinary & rectal incontinence to bring this great range to the market. 

We know fabrics, we know design but most importantly we know how to design garments for those with additional requirements. 

Men, can be affected by bladder weakness, for a variety of reasons. Although there are several aspects of aging which can have an effect on bladder health it is definitely not limited to our grandparents.

Vanilla Blush also recognise that a lot of our clients get some rectal mucous, mild rectal leakage issues following colorectal surgery. This absorbent pad will work with small rectal leakage. 

Reuseable Cotton, high waisted, boxer is suitable for those who experience moderate bladder weakness. This can be described as small, sometimes larger gushes of urine. Do not always reach the toilet in time. Can have an urgent desire to pass urine

  • Anatomically Shaped, for a close, comfortable fit.
  • Washable.
  • Fly opening.
  • Super-absorbent core delivers fast absorption and long lasting dryness.
  • Odour Protection to minimize the risk of unpleasant odours.
  • Holds up to 500-750mls of urine
  • Machine washable

**Please note there is no internal pocket inside these garments.

Image 4 and 5 show the boxer short inside out detailing the pad.

  • 93% Cotton
  • 7% Spandex
  • Wash Dark Colours Separately