High Waist, double pocket ,button fly boxer
High Waist, double pocket ,button fly boxer
High Waist, double pocket ,button fly boxer
High Waist, double pocket ,button fly boxer
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Product Description

Brand new, high waist, double pocket with button fly opening.

Suitable for double ostomates, urostomates (as they have an opening at the end for tap to connect to night stand tubing). Or for those who prefer to have their stoma bag sitting straight up down the way, rather than at an angle inwards towards the groin. 

Ostomy/Stoma Undergarments

Our ostomy underwear are the perfect everyday garment, If you have more than one stoma, the internal pocket will accomodate more than one bag. What is so good about an internal pocket? Well, it has a number of benefits, it can support the weight of your stoma appliance/osotmy pouch. As ostomates, we can become conscious of even a small amount of waste in our bags, resulting in lots of trips to the toilet to empty a small amount. Having the pocket to hold the content of your bag, you have fewer trips to the toilet as when you do go you can empty a larger amount. Particularly helpful at night if a small amount of waste wakes you up.

Another superb benefit to the internal cotton pocket, it prevents your stoma appliance from sitting against your skin, reducing any sweating that can cause odour and skin irritation, therefore protecting your skin and reducing the risk of leeks caused by sweaty skin.

If you were to have a leak, either during the day or night, firstly remember you are not the only one this will happen to, it is incredibly annoying, upsetting and at times frustrating, the internal pocket acts as another layer inside your pants, so will hold the content of even a leaking bag for a little longer hopefully alerting you to the fact you need to take action. Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt many a time. You are not alone. 

The best way for the pocket to work, is to make sure your stoma appliance is sitting at an angle inwards towards your groin, without a pocket this can be annoying as having the bag in that position can rub against the leg, or genital area, but once inside the pocket it is like you've a new lease of life, much more range of movement in lower limbs too, as the bag position is going with the natural creases rather than against.

*Please note these items are addictive..... you will never go back to underwear without a pocket if these work.