Sharp suited but gentle presence. 

ConvaTec's new Marketing expert, Amanda Clancy, paid a special visit as the special guest to Vanilla Blush's UK HQ. 

Travelling by train to the Glasgow-based global-brand's universal flagship store, it was a case of Clancy meets Dames, as Amanda and Nicola, the CEO of Vanilla Blush, sat down and chewed the proverbial fat. 

And right from the go it was clear that Amanda was more than a marketing expert. 

Having been in her lead position for just over one year - and as a self proclaimed "Stoma newbie" - Amanda spoke of her deep satisfaction in working in such a great environment: "I love it. It's been enlightening. I really love helping customers to find support and products to help them achieve everything they want." 

What is immediately most noticeable about Amanda is, although bubbling with ideas, she uses her ears to speak - she's a hell of a good listener. 

And of course this helps with her new role: "It's been enlightening to get a customer's perspective on the challenges of living with a Stoma, they were quite different on what I imagined when I first started working in the sector." 

All successful people are continual learners, and Amanda is clearly reflective: "It's been great to understand how in many cases those  with a stoma have a better and freer life than before surgery. I'm interested in helping people achieve the control and freedom to take advantage of all life's opportunities.

There is something of the understanding medic when sitting with Amanda. She combines a deep empathy with a deep practical sense of what can be done for the better: "It's about remembering that everyone is individual and on their own unique journey, people can have varying personal views before they have a stoma operation and it can be a little scary. So my role is to help people access information, support and products to help them on that journey. 

"And it is not only about sitting and understanding I feel that we have the same predominant desire to help people have a better life. Particularly around getting active.

"It is something that the ME+™ support network is particularly focused on that ConvaTec provide.

"So for us, we share that common desire to get people more active." 

MAY 19th:

Amanda went on to announce: "We are having a patient event, where we are supporting our Get Active campaign. We've a lot of activities to help during the event, including Chair Yoga, Health and Hydration, Moving and getting active safely and promoting good mental health. the event will be supported by the leading Stoma Charities as well as complimentary therapies and leading Stoma underwear and sportswear company, Vanilla Blush."

Speaking during the meeting, the Vanilla Blush CEO Nicola Dames expressed her delight at having Amanda visit the VB HQ. The international entrepreneur said that Amanda "made a great impression. Not only was she full of passion and ideas but she was also prepared to listen."

Nicola added: "This is key to success, especially in an industry in which so many of the key people, those with Stomas, have for so long felt they were not listened to." 

"For too long embarrassment and shame were the norm when it came to having a Stoma. Now it's a case of, if there's a problem then the problem is with others, not with the person with the Stoma." 

And as the person who kicked-off the kick-back against Stoma-shame, by launching Vanilla Blush live on ITV back in 2008, Nicola concluded: "I've been invited to talk at a ConvaTec event on May 19th and after meeting Amanda, I am now really excited about the event."