Kelly is one of the customer telephone voices of Vanilla Blush. But, customers come to know her that just a voice on the phone. 

"I build up a relatonship with customers as I'm the person who phones to make sure they've received their order, who helps them find solutions to any problems they might have, and who keeps the channels of communication open. That's important for many of our customers who are coming to terms with all that a stoma entails. 

"A friendly voice on the phone and sound advice is vital for them at what can be a testing time." 

Married mother-five, Kelly, who works flexible hours, often answers customer calls late at night. "It's part of the service," she smiles. "We pride ourselves on being accessible. I have significant health-related issues of my own, so I can empathise with customers. That goes a long way to building a sympathetic, caring, reassuring and practical, telephone relationship with them." 

A proud Glaswegian East Ender, Kelly relishes working from her home patch to reach customers the length and breadth of the country. "It's great to work with and for a company which is helping build the local economy by having its base here. But, the real privilege is providing a vital service to people at a time in their lives when they need help and support. That's what I enjoy most about my job." 

Kelly is backed by Vanilla Blush's 10-strong team, and can refer customers who need enhanced support to the company's own stoma nurse. "I'm never alone when I answer the phone," said Kelly. "I have the backing of everyone on the team, each with his or her specialist knowledge, so it's always easy to find solutions for customers."


Hugh Dougherty