To celebrate Scotland's national saint, St. Andrew, on November 30, Vanilla Blush's CEO Nicola Dames jokingly asked: "What's the only thing you will find under a Scotsman's kilt?" And the answer: "A new Vanilla Blush NHS Hernia Support Belt!" 

Announcing the new Vanilla Blush NHS product, Nicola said: "We decided to coincide the launch with Scotland's traditional national Saint, St. Andrew's, as it is celebrated throughout the world on November 30th. And in true Vanilla Blush style, there are no gates at Gretna for our Glasgow-based global-brand, as the Ostomy commmunity is an international community.

"Therefore, what better day to make the announcement, especially considering St. Andrew is not just a Saint for Scotland but also from Russia to Bardbados, from Greece to Romania. And of course, with the large Scottish diaspora in every country around the world, it truly reflects the international soul of Vanilla Blush." 

Laughing, the award winning CEO concluded: "However, I do want to slightly change one thing and that is, the next time someone checks what is worn under a Scotsman's kilt I want to make sure the answer is, a Vanilla Blush Hernia Support Belt!"