Vanilla Blush's CEO, Nicola Dames, is set to formally announce the company's European Union office as being based in south-east Spain. 

As a fluent Spaninsh speaker, the award winning businesswoman is confident that the Iberian office will be an ideal base for Vanilla Blush's EU wing. Nicola said: "Spain is very much a home from home for me. I basically have a second family out in Spain and it is with this second family I learnt to speak Spanish.

"Therefore it made sense to open at least one of our EU offices in Spain. However I still have sourced a place in Ireland, which means we will have within the EU the Latin language bridge of Spain and the English language bridge of Ireland." 

Concluding, Nicola laughed: "With the working space now established with unlimited internet access, I am pleased to say that Spain is going to be a fantastic place to work and I suspect fellow team members are going to be very keen to do extra hours out in our new EU office"