Vanilla Blush's CEO, Nicola Dames, has proudly launched the latest model, Wieke Kotten.

Award winning Nicola annoucned: "Introducing to the world the latest VB model, Wieke Kotten from The Netherlands. I am proud to work with the best." 

Nicola added that Vanilla Blush's latest model is "31-years-old, lives with her gorgeous three Chihauhau doggies and loves it. Diagnosed at age of twelve with Crohn's disease, Wieke, just like me, has an ileostomy."

Wieke said: "I have had my ileostomy for six years now. I'm waiting for the date for my last surgery, which is a proctectomy." 

Speaking on her personal loves, Wieke said: "I'm very creative, love to do all kinds of arts and crafts. I love being outdoors, in nature I find peace."

Wieke added: "My passions are also nail art, make-up and fashion. I love spending time at home, boredom is a feeling I've never experienced."

Nicola concluded: "And how better to introduce Wieke to the world than have Wieke model Vanilla Blush's fantastic new Wieke Red Raw summer bikini."