Vanilla Blush put itself and Glasgow photographer, Amer Frank, firmly in focus, with its first photoshoot in a Scottish studio. 

Over a dozen models put on a show in front of Amer's camera. They strutted their stuff to show off Vanilla Blush's eye-catching, glamorous underwear, and swimwear, for both men and women with stomas. 

And, stealing the show, were two of the youngest wearers of Vanilla Blush underwear, six-year-old Eilidh Duncan, and Robbie Beer, aged seven, who dressed in the company's latest range for children, as well as putting on some festive finery for Amer's camera. 

Robbie said: "I loved taking part in the photoshoot, and it was great meeting Eilidh as someone else of my age who has a stoma." 

Amer Frank said: "I was delighted to have been selected by Vanilla Blush for the company's first photoshoot in Scotland. It was a pleasure to work with the models who are Vanilla Blush customers." 

Vanilla Blush founder and CEO, Nicola Dames, said: "The photoshoot was a great success and everyone enjoyed taking part. Not only does an event like this provide us with images for promoting the company, but, crucially, it boosts the self-esteem and confidence of our models, and shows that if you do have a stoma, then you can be just as glamorous as the next person by coming to Vanilla Blush." 

(Article and photos by Hugh Dougherty)