"World Cup and Olympics, that's our final goal," so said award winning CEO Nicola Dames at the news that her company, Vanilla Blush, is warming up for some big sports news. 

Speaking ahead of the kick off, Nicola said: "This is personal as well as professional. I love sport, and I know, generally speaking, people no matter their age, background or whatever, love sport. 

"Vanilla Blush has always been about inclusion and by going sport we are going more." 

However the Dublin-born international businesswoman still was not for dropping her guard: "The team-sheet details are to come so be patient. So far we have been involved in Triathlons, Judo, Cycling, and touched upon boxing and American Football. But now Vanilla Blush is about to move up a gear and increase the stride of our gold-standard performance. So it is a case a watch this space and wait for the sound of the firing gun." 

"However, what I can tell and promise you is that the World Cup and Olympics, that's our final goal," concluded Dames.