Vanilla Blush's CEO, Nicola Dames, has announced the "ground-breaking" launch of its NHS Children's range for October 2017.

Dames said: "On Monday we received the fantastic news from the NHS that Vanilla Blush's specialised Ostomy Underwear and Hernia Supportwear will be available to children from October 2017.

"This is ground-breaking as, for far too long, people thought Stomas and Hernias were only for when any of us got into our older years. All people are affected by Stomas and Hernias, be it when we are old or young and anything inbetween." 

The Vanilla Blush founder concluded: "We continue to be focussed on normalising the fact that for many people, old or young, having a Stoma or Hernia is part of life. And like any other medical additional need, this is why it is so important that we all continue to receive the great universal cover and support from our great NHS. This is why we are proud that, as from October 2017, Vanilla Blush will be able to help children with Colostomies or Ileostomies."