To mark 2017 MedTech Week in Ireland, the Irish Medical & Surgical Trade Association (IMSTA) joined forces with global brand Vanilla Blush to showcase the company's fashion and medical range of stoma underwear.

Six Stoma bag wearers stepped out to model in front of Dublin's famous Pepper Canister to show off the latest Vanilla Blush summerwear range. What they all have in common is that they each have a stoma. 

Justin Carty, CEO of the Irish Medical & Surgical Trade Association said: "Vanilla Blush's specially designed underwear support and conceal stoma bags, which greatly improves patient experiences allowing people with stoma bags to live full normal lives. IMSTA believes in supporting products which do just that. Patient experiences matters and is proven to effect health outcomes.

"Vanilla Blush products are available in the NHS but they are not reimbursed in Ireland by the HSE's Primary Care Reimbursement System (PCRS). One has to ask why?

"It is our hope that this will change and these products will be reimbursed to Irish patients in time."

Nicola Dames, the Dublin-born Vanilla Blush CEO, said: "We all have specialised individual needs. And we all have individual medical technological help. I so happen to need additional support with my Stoma. Other people need other help. This is what I call the normality of needs."

"I'm happy to help raise awareness of MedTech Week along with our fantastic models," concluded Nicola.