Award winning international businesswoman, Nicola Dames, has announced the inevitability of an EU HQ following Brexit. 

The Glasgow-based global-brand Vanilla Blush CEO said: "Prior to the Brexit decision, it made great sense to have our HQ in one of the UK's leading cities, and therefore one of the EU's leading cities, which is Glasgow."

Dublin-born Nicola added: "However, it is clear that we will now have to have two HQs, one in and for the UK, and one in and for the EU. 

"And for this reason, and plus the facts that it is in an English speaking close-neighbouring state and that I am from its capital, Vanilla Blush is in the process of searching and securing an appropriate HQ within the Republic of Ireland." 

Nicola concluded: "After all, I know plenty of people in the UK who are applying for EU passports based on their heritage, so that they will have two passports after Brexit. Therefore, why not do the same with business Headquarters?"