Vanilla Blush's CEO, Nicola Dames, is launching her "alternative Valentine's message" with #HappyInOwnSkin!

The award winning underwear CEO says there is far too much pressure to "partner people off". 

Lingerie-designer Dames said: "I can't help feeling there is far too much pressure to partner people off, especially around Valentine's Day. And so I'm launching our alternative Valentine's message. I have plenty of close family and friends who are not partnered off and this is not a problem as they are happy in their own skin.

"The only problem is with other people who assume they should be partnered off. And thus my alternative Valentine's 2017, #HappyInOwnSkin!"

Former NHS Intensive Care Nurse, Dames, added: "Funnly enough, it is nine-years to the day when Vanilla Blush smashed a taboo and launched live on ITV's 'This Morning Show' with the first showing of a stoma bag on UK TV. Now I'll find it fun challenging another taboo.

"Even though it may seem funny for an owner of a glamorous global-brand, I'm suggesting, ditch the exclusive romantic meal for two, and pitch the inclusive meal for many.

"And so, for Valentine's 2017, get family, get friends, get #HappyInOwnSkin!"