A "health and safety sexy-warning" has been issued by award winning businesswoman, Nicola Dames, for 2017. 

Speaking ahead of the launch of her new 2017 range, the Vanilla Blush CEO said: Every model either has a Colostomy or an Ileostomy. And of course, every model also has confidence and gorgeousness! But the new Vanilla Blush 2017 female still has to come with a sexy-warning!!" 

Dublin-born Nicola, who has had a Srtoma since 2006 and who opened Europe's very first glamorous store for people with Stomas, in 2014, laughingly concluded: "It's for this reason that I am having to issue a health  and safety sexy-warning to all potential purchasers, be very aware before buying, the new lingerie range may make you even more gorgeous!!!" 

The Glasgow-based global-brand, Vanilla Blush, is the world leader for producing underwesr, sportswear and swimwear which is inclusive of people with Stomas.