Lingerie and sportswear company, Vanilla Blush, has announcing its sponsorship of Scotland's second largest judo club, GSB Judo. 

The specialist Glasgow-based global-brand's CEO, Nicola Dames, is getting to grips with the GSB Judo founder, George Brown, to fly the judo flag for both Glasgow and Scotland. 

Dublin-born Nicola said: "For once I am delighted to have my knickers in a twist, a judo twist that is. You could say, it's a case of marital wear backing martial arts wear."

Nicola, who launched the specialist underwear and sportswear range live on ITV back in 2008, added: "I know the head ofthe judo club, George, and I know his fantastic work, especially with the young. With over 200 members, the GSB Judo Club is much like Vanilla Blush, it is ultimately about core human values.

"And when I learnt this week GSB Judo is celebrating its fifth birthday this week, I thought what a great present it would be to offer a Vanilla Blush sponsorship."

George Brown, a former Scottish national judo representative, said: "I am really excited by this teaming up with the Vanilla Blush sponsorship. I know they produce underwear and sportswear, which is inclusive of people with colostomies and ileostomies, and we as a top level judo club are also very inclusive.

"For instance, one of my great students is Sean Melville, who will be representing Scotland at this year's Special Olympics in Sheffield this August." 

George, who is a 2nd Dan black-belt, and who started martial arts 37-years-ago at the age of ten, concluded: "Anyone with a Stoma who wishes to take up Judo but has concerns, feel free to give me a shout and we can chat beforehand. I've trained everyone of all abilities and needs."