Mens Black Hernia Support Brief

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Hernia Support Girdle Information

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You are entitled to 6 pairs of the Basic Cotton Underwear with internal pouch and 3 Support Garments (Pantie Girdle, Ladies Support Brief/Boxer, Mens Support Brief/Boxer)on NHS Prescription. 

Vanilla Blush is delighted to offer Support items, with the double aim of helping people prevent Hernias and helping people who already have a Parastomal Hernia.
Studies show that, following Ostomy surgery, Parastomal Hernias are becoming a continues problem for some. This can often lead to NHS re-admission and further surgery.
Research showing that by investing in a simple presentation program - with the expert recommended advice to wear, for the first year, a Hernia support garment post Ostomy surgery - will significantly reduce the incidence of Parastomal Hernias.
Our product is made in such a way, that the high wasted band will not slip or roll down. It will provide comprehensive support over the abdomen and Hernia. This prevents pressure directly on the stoma, which can cause your appliance to leak.
Our products are extremely comfortable and more importantly made from breathable fabric that will also reduce sweating, and therefor skin irritations. To extend the wearing time of our products you can also safely wear your own underwear over our product.
Simply insert both legs into the garment and pull up over your stoma appliance. The garment will support your Hernia, Stoma and abdomen equally.

Also available on the NHS.

All items carry the security of the CE MARK, which means we conform to the Medical Devices Directive and conformity Assessment.
As with all underwear, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garment.
Make sure you wash dark colours separately and wash at 40 Degree. Do not tumble dry, bleach, or dry clean any of these items. Iron at a cool temperature.

Also available on the NHS.