Dita Burlesque

Product Code: VBVBNK8


Our Dita Von Teese Burlesque inspired knicker is the perfect balance between and everyday wear with a hint of sexy to make you feel great.

The knicker doesn't only look great but will support your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch. It has a completely cotton internal pocket running from left to right, which means your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch is no longer against your skin. The cotton layer therefor reduces any sweating that can cause odour and skin irritatin as well as reducing the risk of leaks due to less sweating. Simply angle your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch so that the opening is angled in the direction between your legs and place it inside the cotton internal pouch. Supporting your appliance with an internal pouch will also reduce the amount of visits you have to the bathroom because the internal pouch will hold the content, stopping it from protruding through your underwear.
This underwear doesnt only support and conceal your Stoma Appliance/ Ostomy Pouch, it is fashionable and feminine and will be sure to increase your confidence and self-esteem. 



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  • Pin-striped Black High-waisted Knicker
  • Lace Design Down Sides With Nude Backing
  • 82% Polyamide
  • 18% Lycra
  • Cotton Gusset and Internal Pocket
As with all underwear, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garments.
Make sure you wash all dark colours seperately and wash at 30 desgrees. Do not tumble dry, bleach, iron or dry clean any of these items.