Medical testing not means testing

Vanilla Blush CEO, Nicola Dames, speaking ahead of the award winning company's next official underwear launch, has warned against the temptation to means test NHS prescriptions.

Dames, who launched Vanilla Blush live on ITV's This Morning Show, 2008, asked: "There seems to be a very small minority voice in and around the NHS which hints towards a means testing NHS. There is a question being posed by the small minority, should there be an increasing call on patients, with life-long illness, to buy their own prescriptions?

"Such a position, although a very small minority, always leads to questions such as, who will lose the most, as well as the fundamental big question, does this not undermine the very foundations of our beloved NHS? "

The former NHS Intensive Care Nurse concluded: "It's at this point it's suggested that the poorest can be catered for by a two-tier NHS with a means tested free prescription. But that is not the NHS which we know and love, that would be an NHS which mixes medical testing with means testing."


In the name of Lawes and knicker order Stoma Nurse care for Vanilla Blush