A kindness revolution

It's a kindness revolution with Vanilla Blush's man, Thomas Rannachan. 

With newspaper reports reflecting a man of integrity and sincerity, having previously stood for parliament and still working tirelessly for marginalised people, Thomas is convinced that ethical business makes good business. 

And nowhere more so than the relationships at the heart of Vanilla Blush's dramatic rise to success and fame. 

Thomas said: "Certainly throughout my career, how I was taught, managed and learned, is to show that fairness, be it equal with your staff, top of the rung, bottom of the rung." 

And while being good in itself, Thomas firmly believes it also produces the business goods: "The reasons for it is you get the best out of your staff." 

A man who would not ask someone to do something he is not prepared to do, Thomas adds: "Just treating each person as an individual, respecting their talents, offering the support they need, allows them to flourish." 

And as Operations Manager, the Business Graduate is well placed to promote a culture of gentleness with a culture of growth: "The staff are the back-bone of the business. It breeds mutual respect."

"Kind words, supportive and treating everyone equal, it sees us produce the results", concluded Thomas.

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